Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

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Practicing Presence with Elizabeth!

When feeling stressed or overwhelmed this simple practice can help to bring you back to center!  


I'm Here For You

Do you ever feel stuck, blocked, or like you just can't accomplish what you want in life? At times we all get lost along the way. As a coach, my work  is to help you re-imagine, re-create , and re-design your ideal life! We each have the capacity to create the life we imagine, Often we just are not aware of that possibility, and keep moving along with what we feel we deserve or settle with something that feels good enough.  By working together I can help you to clear out and let go of old stagnate thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that  no longer serve you. When we let go of the old, we make the space for what we dream to create  in our lives. It's just like the story of old wine skins, you cannot pour new wine into old wine skins, the holder simply cannot hold onto the new ideas. You have to start anew and clear out the old to ever make space for new to unfold in our lives. 

Elizabeth has  over 10 years of extensive experience in Coaching, Speaking, and Teaching. She is an author of 2 books, What are you Grateful for today a guided gratitude journal and play book., Letting go and Stepping into the Flow, and a contributing author to Best Selling Book 52 weeks of Gratitude! Additionally, she is gifted reiki master teacher, chakra clearer, and healer.  This alllows Elizabeth to uniquely integrate practical steps with spiritual modalities to create shifts that invoke real and lasting change. This individualized approach will help you to heal the past, and take steps toward  your biggest dreams. Together Let's Dream Big & Dare Greatly! Reconnect with your true self, and gain a deeper understanding of the universe and who YOU are!



As a professionally trained and experienced Mentor, Speaker, Reiki Master Teacher, Chakra Clearer, and energetic healer. 

 I have the tools, empathy, and understanding to help you to create your Ideal Life,  and get a renewed sense of WHO you are, and what you came here to be!  I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm. Life is meant to be a JOYFUL experience. There is so much we can be Grateful for,  let's join together and start you on a path to living Your Best Life! 

Elizabeth has been blessed and honored to be trained by  and worked with two of her mentors: Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor in helping her to see we each have to take responsibility for our lives, as well as received accreditation through SWIHA in Tempe, AZ.  to get a better understanding subconscious beliefs and the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and mindset. 


How I can support you

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – it's a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication work. The same as training for a marathon, making real change in our lives takes dedication, inspired actions, and constancy.  

But believe me when I tell you, the work you put into discovering more about you and to being a better you, will be worth it. My personal commitment to you is to be your biggest cheerleader, to celebrate every one of your successes with you, and to hold you accountable, even when you feel like giving up.

 I promise you this, it won't be easy but it will be worth it!    Because you, my friend.  YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

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