Dream Big & Dare Greatly Group Coaching


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Next Gathering: Saturday, March 9, 2019  10am-12pm 

Do you have big dreams that you have been afraid to take action on, that may feel too big, or overwhelming. In this group coaching experience we will help to break down your goals into tangible and doable practices that will help to get you to where you want to be!

Inviting you to join me Elizabeth, the Gratitude Girl for the launch of Dream Big & Dare Greatly Group Coaching program!
We will meet live and in person once a month, on a Saturday morning each month from 10am-12pm.  

While attending this ongoing program you can expect to feel inspired, motivated, empowered and ready to start stepping into your biggest dreams! We will work to clear any blocks that hold you back and help you face your biggest obstacles. You will have gained confidence in your abilities and be in a very difference space than you are today! Are you ready to dream big and dare greatly?  

A little about me:
My coaching work  is a unique combination of both practical and spiritual tools that help to clear the blocks and help you to get from where you are to where you want to be! I have worked with best selling author and coach of coaches Jack Canfield, am a reiki master teacher, studied sound healing, mantras, and facilitate meditations.

What to expect:
Each session is unique and will be geared to:
Hold you accountable
Discern what is an inspired action vs just staying busy
Help you to get clear to reach your biggest goals and dreams!
**Each month we will focus on a core topic to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  This is a group coaching setting so come prepared to do some inner and outer work! We will work on healing some core blocks and beliefs and then start taking actions towards our goals.
** As an ongoing member of this group, each month I will pre select the prior month, as we will also focus on one of members in the group, taking turns, masterminding around their core block or issue, as there is so much value and momentum when we work for the greater good of all, and what I know you may not know, and vice versa someone in the group always knows, or knows of someone who may be of need of your services or help in finding a missing piece or service you may be needing!

This group is limited to 15 amazing women who are ready to take inspired actions and create the life you desire!  
Once you learn these keys principals you can apply to any area of your life!

***Prices start at just $40  per month!
The cost to go month to month is $50 per month
or if you pre pay for 6 months - 21 months and lock in your spot the price reduces to just $40  per month that's a savings of $120 a year!


Women's Connection & Coffee Circle


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💖Join me, Elizabeth, The Gratitude Girl at the Launch of The Women’s Connection Circle!💖

🦋 Bringing women together for Connection, Collaboration, and Coffee!!! ☕️

All of my favorite things!

This is not your typical networking group it’s about making real and lasting connections, building relations and building your business!

Host: Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl


Single Session Coaching and Clearing Session


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Elizabeth is here  to help you Dream Big to get crystal clear and specific on your goals and aspirations. Not just for today, we will look at both short term and long term goals helping you to create and design your ideal life! 

While working together we get clear and specific on your top goals and create a  master plan to help get you and keep you on track.  

As your coach, you will receive weekly inspiration, coaching sessions, and weekly homework to help to keep you on track.

Elizabeth accepts a limited number of one on one coaching clients and also offers online coaching programs that create lasting change. Please contact us to discuss your needs . Multiple packages  and  coaching programs are available to suit your needs and your budget.  

Each session is a mix of coaching, clearing, and spiritual and practical practices to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.