Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

Meet Elizabeth


Elizabeth Hartigan is an International Speaker, Best selling Author, & Empowerment Coach! 

With over 10 years experience in working with clients, hosting programs, online courses,  live workshops, and facilitating and teaching at weekend retreats.

As a coach, Elizabeth  focuses on 2 types of coaching. She specializes working with women  Entrepreneurs in Business Coaching. Helping you get from where you are, to where you want to be. And working with clients who are going through major life's transitions such as a divorce, major move, relationship difficulties, or the death of a loved one. 

 Working with Entrepreneurs Elizabeth helps business owners who want to take their business from surviving to thriving, or perhaps your doing well, yet are ready to grow to the next level and are unsure how. She helps  clients to grow their  businesses to the next level - while also creating a Life in Balance.  She incorporates both practical and spiritual tips to get you there, works along with you to inspire you and empower you to attain any goal you set forth.  When working with Elizabeth she is your biggest cheerleader, believes in you when you loose hope, and will hold you accountable. It's not easy work but obtaining our biggest goals are possible when we dream big and dare greatly, we can move mountains! 

In working with clients who are moving though a time of transition, Elizabeth understands how fragile this time is;. Having herself walked through a cancer diagnosis, divorce, and death of her Mother this year. She knows how to help you step through the darkness and re-find your spark and light. Knowing that there are always gifts in life's shifts. 


Dream Big & Dare Greatly!

While working together Elizabeth helps you to get crystal clear on what your biggest dreams are for your business and your life,  Focusing on Dreaming Big & Daring Greatly.  Then on to creating and  setting a game plan and taking Inspired Actions.


Creating a Life in Balance

Let's face it, Life can be stressful and at times feel overwhelming. Elizabeth as a coach is here  to offer both practical and spiritual  tools to maximize your personal and professional life, enhance your relationships give yourself the time and balance you deserve.