Coaching and Programs


Elizabeth is here  to help you Dream Big to get crystal clear and specific on your goals and aspirations. Not just for today, we will look at both short term and long term goals helping you to create and design your ideal life! 

While working together we get clear and specific on your top goals and create a  master plan to help get you and keep you on track.  As your coach, you will receive weekly inspiration, coaching sessions, and weekly homework to help to keep you on track.

Elizabeth accepts a limited number of one on one coaching clients and also offers online coaching programs that create lasting change. Please contact us to discuss your needs . Multiple packages  and  coaching programs are available to suit your needs and your budget.  And also offers payment plans to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Email us to set up your first session:

Chakra Sound Healing

Elizabeth offers a unique healing modality called Reiki infused Chakra Sound Healing to shift stagnate and blocked energies on a physical level. 

So often we are carrying around old wounds, pains, and trauma from past experiences  which store in our bodies. Causing physical pain and also blocks that may show up in our finances, current relationships, that are stored in our bodies and energetic field. Yet, often have no idea, Sometimes we find ourselves completely overreacting to something minimal in our daily life. Which is really digging up and reactivating wounds from the past.  Until we fully heal this wound it will keep getting deeper and deeper and cause more issues when it comes around again. Most diseases lie in the hidden emotional traumas we hold within. 

Each session is unique and catered to your needs. goals., and are designed to navigate the blocks that arise. No two sessions are the same! 

Elizabeth uses a variety of healing modalities from reiki, sound bowls, invoking angels and helping you discover one of your angels. And using crystals, mantras, flower essences , and oils to work to clear these pesky little blocks from all angles. These can be done in person or remotely via phone.

$199 per clearing 

Meditations, Programs, and Courses

Life can be stressful and busy! Understanding that reality, Elizabeth  created many online offerings  to give you the advice and tools you need to maximize and balance the  spiritual, personal, and business aspects of life. 

Courses range from 

Chakra Clearing 

During this 7 Weeks Program, we spend time  exploring and clearing the 7 main chakras. Each week is dedication to a specific chakra as we dig in and discover more about each energy center. Each week the goal is to  clear, energize, and unearth the power in each of your chakra core centers. To help you unearth the power that lies within you! 

Mediation Made Easy

An exploration of many ways to bring mediation into your daily life. We explore the origins and history of meditation and different types of meditation experiences to help you select the one that best fits you and your lifestyle.

Women's Empowerment Circle

The second Tuesday of each month we meet to connect on a heart level, to be inspired, empowered, and make heart connections! We all know businesses are about relationships! Join us and grow personally and spiritually!  Form ore information on upcoming events please visit our Events page. 

For more information on courses please visit our store for registration.