Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude Living, Giving And Sharing Gratitude

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WOW! I am amazed!

I worked with Elizabeth, at the midst of leaving my boyfriend. We had 2 girls and grew apart after having the babies.  We were struggling to get along and living in separate rooms, After just a few sessions with Elizabeth, I started seeing a huge shift in my relationship. At the end of our time together my significant other and I made a renewed commitment to one another, and to our family. We could each see the good right in front of us, and forgive the past choices we made. Vowing to create the relationship we both wanted and hoped for. 5 years later, we are still together and are happier then ever. 

Jennifer, Sedona, AZ 


I have absolutely loved being a part of Elizabeth’s Mastermind and Empowerment Circle. And highly recommend it! From the group I have made some great friendships and grew both personally and  professionally! Since we started meeting I have successfully launched a non-profit group called Addiction Haven to help people with addictions and bring awareness to the forefront. I am so grateful for the connections and resources gained.  



Elizabeth has become a close friend of mine over the past few years. One thing that stands out about Elizabeth is her ability to motivate and empower others to follow their dreams and do the things that bring joy to their lives. The vehicle through which she recommends we all follow our dreams is through gratitude. Elizabeth's history is an amazing story of appreciation of life, no matter what has been in her path. She has the intuitiveness to help anyone who is willing to talk with her about their dreams and goals, and she makes the practice of gratitude a rewarding and exciting exercise in attaining true happiness in life, no matter what happens.

Every moment I have spent with Elizabeth has left me with a feeling of inspiration and joy, and at the end of each of our visits, I feel that I am once again stepping into the vast world of abundance and possibility... and with more gratitude for all the wonderful people, things and experiences in my life, both in the past and what is yet to come. I highly recommend spending an hour talking with Elizabeth and seeing where it leads you in your life. You'll be grateful you did!


Sara T.

I recently had an opportunity to work with Elizabeth Hartigan in a coaching relationship. Over the past 8 months my life has involved major life transitions, including emotional and personal challenges. All of this has been happening alongside my pursuit of furthering the growth of my business to a whole new level. I shared my current goals with her and she suggested I have a coaching session with her to remove any blockages that could be getting in the way of achieving my current goals.

So I gladly accepted and am now surprised by the results I walked away with! Going into it I didn’t think I had much standing in my way but boy I was about to be surprised... She is an amazing self reflector for what we cannot see in ourselves on our own. To my surprise there was an enormous amount of sludge buried deep inside of me that I was completely unaware of and boy did she find it and help to bring it to the surface so I could process and release all of it. Go figure, I actually had self sabotaging blockages and I had no idea... It was actually causing me to see people and events in my life in a distorted and disempowering way until now. Discovering and releasing the blockages allowed me a deeper sense of self-empowerment and allowed my energy to flow more freely in a more positive direction that can now more effectively create goals rather than block them.  

Her intuition, ability to hone in and listening really well, and guide me through a deep and powerful process lead me to a very unexpected and powerful personal transformation. I am still working through layers of hidden emotion that I had no idea was buried inside of me now only a day later but it’s all a result of the breakthrough she helped me to have. Even just a day later I am processing and clearing more gunk that was stuck hidden beneath the surface causing me to misfire and I am feeling my energy clear itself out even more within 24 hours. This is powerful and Elizabeth is incredibly talented in what she does. It’s easy for us to unknowingly allow ourselves to get in our own way but luckily with Elizabeth’s help it doesn’t have to stay that way. We can easily obtain our goals faster than we think as long as we clean out the gunk. My recommendation is if you don’t have the results you want in your life right now then consider hiring Elizabeth as your coach to get to the bottom of what is stopping you. She has provided me with many tools to work with to further my progress on my own since our session together and I am so grateful for the results I got from working with her!

Jessica W.

Phoenix, AZ 

I am writing to thank and recommend Elizabeth Hartigan, “The Gratitude Girl” for the business coaching she provided. I feel very fortunate to have experienced Elizabeth’s insightful point of view, spiritual wisdom, and compassionate encouragement. She really helped me put my business plan into action with solid goal setting and accountability tools. I am extremely happy with Elizabeth’s coaching skills and would recommend her to anyone that needs help “getting started” on their journey. You truly will experience more joy, happiness and progress.


Nita Nichols



Gratitude is the best attitude

Powerful Shifts

I began working with Elizabeth at a time where I was unsure if I should make some major life decisions.  I needed some direction and clarity as what to do next. After a full day of coaching and direction I felt renewed and hopeful of what the future held. 3 years later I am healthier, and happier, and launched my own wellness business! So grateful for the ability to make powerful shifts! 

Wendy, Las Vega

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